Estimate of Giving Comments9/12/2010

~ Continue and expand our community outreach.
~ Bring new & inactive into the church.
~ Recruit young families through family centered activities (Saturday nights, etc.).
~ Increase participation in Bible Study and altar guild.
~ Clean up the place, use our facilities in a better way to strengthen community.
~ Continue the wonderful work it faithfully does.
~ Continue summer programs, Slovak program and our Pastors wonderful outreach.
~ Have 30 children in Sunday School.
~ Continue outreach programs focused on our community.
~ Continued growth in our youth ministry and overall growth in our support of each others faith in God and focus on Faith and relationship with God.
~ Continue reaching out to community. Bring in more young people
STEWARDSHIP EDUCATION COMMITTEE September 12, 2010 pig roast, estimate of giving cards to the altar
10 name tags given at the 8am worship service, 73 given at the 10: 15am worship service. Those 85 present at the potluck-pig roast where Cal Gowell provided the cooked pork:
Doug(council member), Barb Aardema           Doug, Dawn, Jake, Blake, Megan Brackmann and 2 guests
 Terry Beekman                            Ken, Mary Bernhardt                     Barb Gelvin
Curt, Cherie, and Mallory Crouch           Tim, Gabe, and Virginia DeMumbrum
Elin, Anna, Elizabeth Frietsch
Rick Hughes                                   Cal Gowell                                     Bill, Karen(council)Hosticka
Jenny Lynn, Qan Girvan                Janna, Carli Hite and 2 guests        Frank Hollister(council)
Jessie Lee and guest Kendra             David, Emma, Addison Greenwood              Ezra and Mary
Jim Ingernanson           Jason, Danielle Lach and their son, Luke, daughters, Molly, and Katie, and guest
Kim, Eric, and Lauren Nelson        Lea, Chris McGuigan Pastor Doug, Monica, Stephen, and Allie Ogden
Nancy Peterson(council)                Shar, Derek Puls                            Barb Smith
Roger(council), JoAnn Silk            Donna, Sarah(council) Stacy         Warren, Bev Tibbitts
Daniela Hrabovska (Slovakian seminarian)      Mike Szczerbinski       Missy Rodriguez, guest Paul
Chuck, Kathleen Wagner                Lora Swenson                                Al (council), Michele Wheeler
Rhonda Sweet and daughters Cassidy, Piper, Shelby, Delaney, and guest              Sue Roesler
Mary Jo Thies (council) and guest Dave  Savanhni Chittisane
With Rhonda presenting a temple talk / sermon and Daniela organizing and giving a photo show of recent ministries of our congregation, our day was successful. More estimate of giving cards were placed either on the altar or in the offering plate during the 2 worship services, and more donations pledged for the coming year than in any recent previous stewardship event.
Committee of Roger Silk, JoAnn Silk(honorary, hardworking member), Chuck Wagner, Lora Swenson, Curt Crouch, Pastor Doug Ogden, and Frank Hollister.