Slovak Seminarians

Summer 2016 we will had a special visit from our 2010 Slovak Seminarian, Daniela Stuchla. Please check this page for more details as they happen! 

Each summer since 1999 Lebanon has participated in the Summer Slovak Seminarian internship.  Each summer we welcome a student from the Bratislava seminary or from the Martin Christina Education School.

Stefan Ambros 1999

Stefan was originally from Krupina, Slovakia.  Stefan was married to Jana Ambrošová in 1999, just a few months before his summer with us.  We were happy to welcome her here for the second half of the summer.  They have three children Andrej and Annamaria . Stefan works for the Istroenergo Engineering firm in Levice, Slovakia as a project manager over the Obajana Project in Nigeria.  His birthday is April 2, 1978

Tomas Gulan 2000

Tomas is married to Slavka Gulanova.  They have two boys: Ondrej and

Tomas is employed by the Christian Education School in Martin  His birthday is  June 21, 1978

Milan Jurik 2001

Milan was originally from Pribilina, Slovakia.  He is currently a dean at the Bratislava Seminary. He is married to Katya, the choir director and instructor of music a the seminary.

Andrea Valentova 2002

Andreas is the High School Chaplain in Banska Bystrrica, Slovakia

Mirka Frankova Hodanova 2004

Her birthday is September 30.  She is married to Ferdinand Hodan.  She has her PhD from the Seminary in Bratislava, and is employed at the Evangelicke Lyceum in Bratislava.


Peter Klein 2004

Peter was from Levoca, and now lives in Spisska Nova Ves.  He married Lenka Kleinova on October 1, 2011.  His birthday is November 11, 1981.

Martina (Tinka) Onoferova 2006

Tinka was from Zdana, Slovakia, and now lives in Tewkesbury, England. Her birthday is May 31, 1981.  Tinka is of the Hungarian Reformed tradition.

Ivan Bozenik 2007

Ivan currently lives in Dobroc, Banskobystrický, Slovakia.  He was originally from Levice, Slovakia.  His birthday is August 12, 1985.  He is married to Milica Boženíková Danková

Jarmila Zajickova 2008

Milan Bartko 2009

Danilela Hrabovska Stuchla 2010

Marek Hrivnak 2011

Janka kovacikova 2011

Simona Ujcikova 2012

Ana Uher 2014

Emil Hankovský   2015 

Ivan Bozenik 935 03 Batovce 160 Slovakia

Zuzana Chocholova 2016

 Michaela  Tomcikova 2017

Ivan Kinko 2018 – 22 years old, 4th year student at Evanjelická bohoslovecká fakulta – Univerzita Komenského in Bratislava. He is from the town of Novi Sad, which is approximately 40 miles north of the Hungarian border, in the northern part of Serbia.

His interests include music, playing the organ, and occasional travels and adventures. Stay tuned for more information!