Luge Team

luge track Muskegon luge track muskegon 2Lebanon has had a competing team on the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex luge track for over fifteen years.  Our  adult team welcomes all newcomers, no experience necessary.  We race other teams in the area on Tuesday nights, throughout January and February, although some years the Tuesday races are as individuals.  We still have a great time together. See the Winter Sports Complex website for complete information:

The complex needs proof of insurance, and some forms filled out. The cost is about $10 per person per night.. No special clothes or equipment is needed, but sometimes jackets get roughed up, so don’t wear anything too nice.

Youth train and race on Thursday nights from 5:15 pm to 8:30 pm.  They race competitively in the complex’s races, usually Sunday afternoons.  Ages 8 to 15.  Coincidentally, the coach of the youth team is the pastor of Lebanon.