Ivan Bozenik 2007

Ivan was from Levice, in the southern part  of Slovakia.

Ivan currently lives in Dobroc, Banskobystrický, Slovakia.  He was originally from Levice, Slovakia.  His birthday is August 12, 1985.  He is married to Milica Boženíková Danková

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Ivan stayed with the Ogdens, Demumbrums, Keenans, Parks, and the Gelvins
While he was here he wrote: “The Gospel today is really hard ot understand.  When I first read it, I did not understand it.  And after a short study of some smart theologians and exegetical experts,  I put two and two together.  This will just be “down and dirty” theology, but I really want to share with you a few notes on my research.
When Jesus uses the word “fire” it usually means judgment.  the first sentence from our gospel today — I came to bring fire to the earth and how  I wish it were already kindles! – doesn’t sound very nice.  But in the next sentence he is talking about baptism.  “I have a baptism with which to be baptized.  Are you seeing what Jesus is doing, comparing the Jewish law to Christian baptism?  With his baptism, his death on the cross, the law ends for us and the gospel begins.  With his cross the judgment is broken and the gospel fulfills the law.
it is hard to take Jesus out of our law oriented thinking, and set him free from law and put him into baptism, put him in the cross, in the gospel.  Everybody perceives and comprehends the law and its justice in so many different ways; that’s why we have so many denominations.  I hate the never ending discussions about what is wrong and what is right in religion.  I feel like we are like the Hebrews and Jesus is so irritated with us.
I remember how my father taught me to ride a bicycle.  we went to the high school and there was a big concrete place.  I took the old bicycle that I received as an inheritance from my brothers.  My father was holding the bicycle and me, and he slowly pushed me.  He told me that I had to use my legs to work the pedals.  And he told me that it is very important to use steering, but in the end he told me, “Now, don’t watch your legs, watch the way.” Sure, I started very slowly, looking at my legs, then I noticed that my father was not there, at my side, and he is not holding me.  I turned backwards, saw him forgot to continue with the pedals, forgot to steer, and  I fell down.
And for me the conflict between law and gospel is like driving bicycles.  What do  I have to do! The law is I have to use pedals and do something with my legs, and use my hands for steering. Without these I cannot rise a bicycle.  And what is gospel?  The gospel is my eyes.  the eyes release me from the law, from looking at MY legs, at MY hands.  I can lift my head and se the world.  I can see the way.
the Gospel makes me free, but I still have to handle my freedom.  These have to work together these have to cooperate.
And without a father’s love, I would not be here. I would not have a bicycle, I would not know how to drive, and without eyes I could not see the gladness in a father’s eyes, that his son is doing well, and that I will come home after my ride.