Coffee,Tea, Chocolate, Cocoa and Olive Oil

All good things must come to an end ~ with that being said, once our current supply of Equal Exchange products is gone, we will be discontinuing our sales of the same. With many items available from many local resources, we feel confident you can find your items locally. If not, we can order for you, but shipping charges will apply unless a bulk order is achieved. Thank you for your years of support in this endeavor.

Lebanon proudly supplies fair-traded, environmentally-friendly, organically-grown chocolates, coffees and teas to the community.  The proceeds go to support mission projects all over the world.

The cocoa is excellent (hint: it says you can make it with water, but it’s best if you make it with milk!)

We also have added olive oil from Sindyanna of Galilee, a non-profit organization managed by Arab and Jewish women, established to help Arab growers receive  a fair price for their olives and to find international markets (like us) for their olive oil, which his USDA organic.  It is therefore Imported from Israel, and we offer it at $8 for a 250 ml bottle.