Church Council

The Church Council is our Board of Directors, and meets monthly on the third Thursday of  the month.



Council Mission:

“To Encourage and Empower Members to Fulfill Their God-given Dreams”


The members are:

                                                                     Virginia DeMumbrum, President  (1st term expires 2017),

                                                                     Mike Palmer, Vice President  (1st term expires 2017),

                                                                     Scott Keller, Secretary  (1st term expires 2019),

                                                                     Curt Crouch, Financial Secretary  (1st term expires 2017),

                                                                     Sandy Robbins  (1st term expires 2018),

                                                                     Al Wheeler  (2nd term expires 2019),

                                                                     Sheila Fretty  (1st term, expires 2018),

                                                                     Frank Hollister  (2nd term expires 2019),

                                                                     Doug Aardema  (2nd term expires 2018),

                                                                     Terry Beekman, Treasurer  (appointed),

                                                                     Pastor Doug Ogden




Council reports come in a packet the Sunday before the Council meeting to Council members’ mailboxes at church..  The executive board and finance committee meet on Monday a week and a half before the Council meeting to prepare the agenda and include all pertinent material into the packets.