Church Council

The Church Council is our Board of Directors, and meets monthly on the third Monday of  the month.



Council Mission:

“To Encourage and Empower Members to Fulfill Their God-given Dreams”


The members are:

Doug Aardema, (18) ( 2nd)

Terry Beekman, TREAS. 

Curt Crouch, (20) (2nd) FIN. Secretary 

Virginia DeMumbrum, VP  (20) (2nd)

Sheila Fretty ( 18  ) (1st

Alan Hinks (20) (1st) – 

Frank Hollister, (19) (2nd) PRES 

Scott Keller, ( 19 ) (1st) – SECRETARY 

Sandy Robbins, (18) (1st

Terri Vanderleest,  ACCT – 

Al Wheeler, (19) (2nd)

Pastor Doug Ogden

Council reports come in a packet the Sunday before the Council meeting to Council members’ mailboxes at church..  The executive board and finance committee meet on Monday a week and a half before the Council meeting to prepare the agenda and include all pertinent material into the packets.