Annual Report

annual report 2019

Lebanon Lutheran is a gun-free zone.  Anyone with a weapon will be asked to leave; the church leadership reserves the right to turn away anyone who violates this policy.  This includes worship and church-sponsored events held off-site.

Exceptions include: law enforcement or military personnel; ceremonial units such as a scout black powder unit at a scheduled event, or military unit in the performance of ceremonial duties.

It is also our position that our places of worship and places where our children are cared for and educated should remain gun-free zones.

Our Northwest Lower Michigan Synod declared in assembly in 2012 that: the greatest defense of self and the State is to take seriously the command of our Lord to enter into relationship with our neighbors by loving them as we love ourselves, a theological position that provided a basis and foundation for the ELCA Social Message on Community Violence, April 18, 1994, adopted by the ELCA Church Council (which can be viewed at